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Both graduates of Paier Art College (class of '74), Wendy and John fell in love with art and each other.  During their time at Paier, John and Wendy studied under such artists as Dean Keller, John Massamino,  Paul Lipp, Rudolph Zallinger, and Ken Davies.

Shortly after graduating college, the couple collaborated on a mural celebrating the American Bicentennial.  The mural was displayed in the Harford Civic Center (Conn.).  During the time of its display, President Gerald Ford was visiting Connecticut and was strongly taken by the artists' work.  He asked to have it brought to the National Archive as a reminder of American patriotism.  

Right at the launching of their artistic careers, Wendy and John placed their artistic aspirations on hold until now.

After decades in waiting, John and Wendy have worked on numerous original pieces of art from photography to acrylic paintings.  Each brings a unique style of art worthy of appreciation and display. 


John's specialization in abstract sailing masterpieces will ignite your room with both color and calm.  Wendy's award winning image artistry photographs are bound to inspire and intrigue.  In addition to Wendy's photography, her underwater paintings are a delight to the senses - capturing the subtle beauty of ocean life.  


Every piece of art is the product of two brilliant imaginations - full of life and love.



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